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Live in the Awareness of Oneness with God, Manifest Your Destiny for the Sake of All.

Life Transfiguration, Frequency Repatterning,
and Christ-centered Mentorship

with Michael Parisi


Your Greatest Potential Exists Within You.

Here and now, in the Center of your Being.

No matter what seems to hold you back, 

you are Whole, Free, and Boundless at your core,

and you steward a brilliance to express into the world.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit,

I am here to help you see through the illusion of separation from God, liberate limiting patterns and identities, and actualize your unique blueprint and purpose.

Let's restore Wholeness, for ourselves and all of creation.

What Clients Say

"Michael is a teacher of teachers.  Working with him has been the most authentically transformative experience in my life. Michael masterfully facilitates the unlocking of the highest potentiality of Being."

-Graham Duvall

Pillars of Life Regenesis

Become Adept at the Art of Being Present - This Alone Will Profoundly Transform Your Life and Is Key to Awakening

Follow the simple Presence strategies I provide that can be applied to any lifestyle, at any time. The more you apply this, the more you will awaken to a life of embodied freedom, peace, clarity, empowerment, benefit and fulfillment.

Utilize Organic Frequency Technology through Individual Sessions or Group Immersions 


A Supercharged Approach to Liberating Distorting Patterns and Identities, and Entraining to Your Greatest Potential

This is the accelerator and activator of the process, going beyond normal forms of healing and therapy that don't address the root cause. Together, we entrain to the True Source of Life Resolution, catalyzing radical change.

Actualize the Shifts from the Inside Out - Take Complete Responsibility and Optimize All Areas of Life and Relationships


 As your inner reality shifts, your outer reality follows. Instead of your life being a repeat of the past, you get to live, experience, and express from a fresh slate. The more you take responsibility, the more you experience shining success and true Life Regenesis.



Your soul remembers Home. It came from Pure Eternal Truth, Wholeness, & Harmony, and yearns to return. The mission though is not to "go back" somewhere else, it is to realize and embody Home, Here and Now.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.


Image by Bence Horvai

"You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32

Begin Your Life Regenesis Today.



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