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About Michael

Michael is a messenger of Truth, imparting revelation of oneness with the Presence of God. Drawing from his intimate relationship with the Divine, Michael operates in powerful giftings of Organic Living Light, broadcasting transmissions of a highly transformative nature. He facilitates out of his deep passion to see human beings liberated and the reality of heaven on earth manifested from the inside out.

Michael is a Frequency Repatterning Specialist, Teacher, and Modern-Day Mystic, living in devotion to the Christ path and mission of restoring creation to original harmony. He walks in close fellowship with Messiah Yeshua who has radically changed his life and who he loves beyond comprehension. Michael has been trained and initiated to oversee great change on this planet, via God’s authority and grace.


He is genuinely equipped to help you break free from detrimental patterns that keep repeating in your life and relationships, experience deep cellular and genetic healing, and come Home to the Freedom of Eternal Presence. It is Michael’s mission to facilitate the activation of your divine blueprint and the embodiment of your true destiny.

My Story

I grew up in a small town in the foothills of North Carolina. I played sports, enjoyed being outdoors, and was always surrounded by an amazing group of friends. My parents who are also some of my dearest friends brought me up in a Christian household, in a way that felt congruent with what I experience as Jesus’s actual teaching of a Universal Truth that precedes all religions. They practiced meditation and were very open-minded, exploring various healing and awakening modalities. I found this deeply nourishing and it gave me the open atmosphere to explore what drew me at a deeper level without too many restrictions imposed upon me. To this day, I love Jesus Christ profoundly and walk and work in intimate fellowship with him. 

From a young age, I became deeply curious of the fundamental Truth of life, and how we as human beings can realize and actualize this unifying Truth for the benefit and well-being of all. I wanted to know God, not through manmade doctrine, but as a direct experience and intimate, living relationship within the Heart. I embarked on a fervently devoted journey of seeking to discover the Presence of God, and the science of authentic transformation that ushers a human being out of suffering, separation, and war, into coherence, wholeness, and loving benefit.

I tried everything that seemed like a means to this goal, awakening teachings and healing modalities galore. Through much trial and error, I came to know God directly, not as a separate, judgmental entity, but as the Silent, Loving, Eternal Presence within all things present, including you and I. Where did this lead me? Right where I have always been, here and now. It’s where we all are and funny enough where we all end up in our awakening… the journey is from here to here, from now to now. The difference is that through awakening, you are aware that you simply are, here and now, and that you aren’t separate from Life, from God. So, I didn’t become someone or something else, I simply realized what is always, already True. And yet, the Truth continues to become, continues to uniquely embody.

Seeking has ended, yet refinement and devotion continue on. I will never stop loving and serving God… I am a mystic at heart. The golden thread that led me to this realization wasn’t necessarily the modalities or teachings themselves (as amazing as they have been), but the profound, unwavering sincerity within the core to discover and serve the Truth above all else. This has been my highest priority and love in life, through thick and thin, and it has served me well. The Truth within me, which is the same Truth within you, guided my life, and also took the form of intimate relationships, teachers, teachings, and modalities. The benefit I found through certain teachings and methods along my journey served to be incredibly effective at releasing falsity and revealing the Living, Eternal Reality. This is partly what I've distilled into the work I facilitate today, in addition to what has been delivered directly via divine inspiration.

One of the things I found was that I had to take complete responsibility for my life and be totally honest about my perceived shortcomings, brokenness, and insecurities, if I was to fully come Home. I tried to escape the pain I felt inside, eventually discovering that through the pain was God's Shining. The patterns of low self-worth, self-doubt, and co-dependency somehow ran incredibly deep for me, and I thought I would never be able to move beyond them. Luckily, I persevered! I discovered the solution and that none of these identities or limiting beliefs are true at all. We are "made in the image and likeness of God", and God is definitely not broken.  


I choose to expose the whole of myself before the Light of God, and this has revealed an essential key to awakening. As we expose ourselves before God, we make ourselves available and transparent to the healing, liberating, restorative Grace to rectify our perceived shortcomings, and for the Eternal Truth at the core of our being to be revealed more and more. You see, the Truth simply is. It doesn’t come and go like the rest of our experience. It is always the core of who you and I are, at the core of life itself. So, it is not that we add Truth on to our being, we release the mask of untruth, and Truth is naturally, spontaneously revealed. 


I discovered a covenant with God to serve the Eternal Purpose, which was being revealed to me for quite some time, mostly through an inextinguishable desire to serve. This has been a guiding light throughout my journey of awakening in this lifetime. I somehow instinctively knew that this profound impulse to seek Truth wasn’t merely for “me”. In fact, the dream of the psychological me is what is woken up from, although paradoxically I feel more myself than ever before.


I always felt the seeking impulse guiding from within not only so Truth could be realized, but so I could be a beneficial contribution to humanity. Beneficence is the inherent expression of Realization. The ego-mind of course usurped this at times and made it into “my" awakening. Nevertheless, the Truth prevailed. The more I have come into alignment with Truth, the more abilities to serve the awakening and optimization of humanity have flowered from within. 

In 2012, I was spontaneously downloaded with information on and the ability to work with the fundamental, organic “blueprints” of reality, and the unique frequency blueprint that each human being has as a direct expression of the True Source. I was shown that this was the foundational blueprint of a human being's multidimensional architecture with which all other expressions, physical body, energy body, soul body, and so on, were built "on top of". It was revealed that by working at this blueprint level through Living Light Frequency abilities that were uncovered, that one’s entire operating system could be rectified and returned to Original Wholeness, the Original Divine Design. I was also shown that one’s unique gifts, purpose, and qualities were held within their blueprint, and could be activated in right timing, usually after a process of purification and correction of the “fallen” architecture.


A large part of my seeking journey has been of a mystical nature, utilizing strategies such as self-inquiry, meditation, contemplation, prayer, and surrendering to God. What I discovered though is that when the seeking rested into stillness and there was no longer a perceived distance between self and what I was seeking, realization naturally flowered. What is looking through me is what I was looking for.

This realization can be a hilarious moment actually and has been many times over, leaving me speechless, in "wowness", laughing hysterically. To realize that what you have been searching for so vigorously has always been silently with you with no possibility of leaving, and hence any seeking for it experientially takes you away from its Home of Here and Now. This realization has also left me weeping in utter gratitude, perceiving the luminous beauty of the Presence of God in everything around me. The Truth becomes so blatantly obvious and is unshakably known in the moment of revealing. Somehow though, realizing this over and over and over again, I still sought until it finally, fundamentally "clicked in". 

I also practiced many energy healing modalities throughout my life, although nothing stuck until I discovered Frequency Work. This began as I said above in 2012, becoming more refined in 2018 when I met a mentor who was working along the same lines, and yet another massive upgrade occurred when I experienced a supernatural encounter with the living presence of Jesus Christ in 2022. This encounter with Jesus catalyzed a profound shift in my life, leading me into much higher frequency abilities and a deeper, foundational homecoming to the Reality of God within. “Neither shall they say, lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” - Luke 17, KJV.

Frequency Work has paired beautifully with the mystical path of God-realization, as it goes right to the Source to rectify frequency distortions that manifest as limiting patterns in life. I found that some of the deeper conditionings that I tried in so many ways to rectify, Frequency Work proved to be an incredibly swift and effective solution for. I've seen it work in miraculous ways for many people. Some say that it has been far more efficient than years of therapy, meditation, and various other practices for them. Frequency Work has a way of cleaning up your life that is powerful and very suited to today's world where there is a seemingly urgent need to wake up and restore.


The mergence of the pathways of Frequency Work and God-discovery has been a beautiful unification of science and Spirit for me, cracking the code of this manifest reality more and more. Bringing the seeming two worlds together in a singular, simple platform for radical awakening, regeneration, and life optimization has naturally flowered into the fruit of my work.

Today, I live a simple, joyous life, in ever-deepening love with my beloved wife and best friend, Sanni. Our relationship is the shining star of my life, and I have her to thank for so much of who I am today. I am a multi-instrumental musician, I love mountain biking, walks, and stillness in nature, I love laughing and having fun, and enjoy dancing, singing, good food, and good company. I am naturally a deeply contemplative being and utilize a great amount of time in inner exploration and communion.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope it has illumined something within you, bringing you into greater intimacy with the True Light of Life. Now, I would be honored to support you in your journey of liberation, life optimization, and purpose fulfillment.

I look forward to meeting you in Eternal Presence.

Many blessings to you and yours.


Love, Michael 




Significant Teachers on my path: 

Jesus Christ, Leonard Jacobson, Rupert Spira, Mooji, Adyashanti, Kaya Usher, Luciano Kross, Mas Sajady, Thessa Sophia, Michael Neill, and Candice O’Denver.


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