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In-depth Frequency Immersion

for those ready to actualize authentic purpose and embodied presence

Six Group Frequency Sessions


Cost: one payment of $222 or three monthly payments of $74 

"Why am I here, and how can I bring forth my highest contribution?"

In the Actualize Your Authentic Blueprint - Group Frequency Immersion we will be diving directly into this - your reasoning for being here, your divine design, and your contributive expression. Through the power of Presence embodiment and innate Frequency Technology you will be supported to liberate unnecessary patterns that distort your life experience and purpose fulfillment, and activate your original, living divine blueprint. We are going really deep with this one! This immersion will be the perfect way to establish a strong foundation with wings spread wide to limitless possibilities, aligned with your life destiny.


This immersion is deeply focused on fulfilling your True Purpose in life. The foundational, primary purpose of Presence - integrating your human time-bound aspect with your timeless being - and secondary, unique purpose of actualizing your Authentic Blueprint and contributive expression in the world. Presence is the foundation. From Presence, you are empty of the seemingly separate self, and God-Source is able to flow freely through you as your truest articulation of being.


To bring to life your Blueprint, you must free the distorting, family lineage and human collective patterns that keep you looping in states of insecurity, unworthiness, inauthenticity, anxiety, self-doubt, self-sabotage, confusion, low self-esteem, and so on.


Buried "beneath" this patterning exists your Signature Expression and Blueprint.


This blueprint holds the greatest possibility of your life, health, relationships, work in the world, and destiny. Your highest qualities, gifts, abilities, and strengths are already wholly within your being, ready to be revealed.

When you operate from unnecessary patterns of the past, your entire life becomes a replay of these patterns, plaguing your sense of self, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, relationships, financial situation, and expression. As you liberate these patterns, Life is able to express through you in a new, fresh, abundant, unconditioned, uninhibited, and profoundly beneficial way… a way that is completely unique to you and your specific genius.


None of these patterns are your fault, but it is your responsibility to reveal them before the Light of Truth if you want to live a more authentic, inspired, purposeful, and serviceful life.


Are you ready to liberate the inessential patterning and reveal the Whole, Real You?


Ready to restore and activate your original, living divine blueprint in service to Eternal Truth and Unconditioned Love?


This is what we will be diving into within this Group Frequency Immersion, through the incredible, transformative power of Pure Source Frequency and embodied Presence strategies.


Potential results of this program:


  • Resolving patterns that keep repeating in your life and relationships of unnecessary anxiety, fear, self-doubt, self-sabotage, low self-esteem, co-dependency, lack of direction, scarcity, and scatteredness 

  • Clearing out detrimental programming on an individual, ancestral and human collective level

  • Creating a stable inner foundation to build your new life properly, instead of on shaky, insecure ground

  • Restoring Wholeness and feeling a more profound sense of being at home and happy in your body and life

  • Clearing and repatterning your body to be able to fully house your True Presence, so you walk as an illumined, free, beneficial contribution to humanity

  • Living as a more empowered, authentic, clear version of yourself

  • Learning how to be truly present in any moment, operating from higher intelligence and clear guidance, whether actively engaged in life or not

  • Integrating fragmented aspects of self that have been lost in time and space

  • Upgrades in gifts, abilities, and service

  • Greater embodiment of your unique blueprint and incarnational assignment

  • Rewiring of the brain and nervous system into a more coherent and balanced state

  • Restoring coherence to the frequencies that make up one's life: multidimensional architecture (physical body, energy body, soul body, spirit body, etc.), relationships, health, and work in the world

  • Abiding in the Truth of Who You Are at a more significant, much more easeful, and authentic degree 

  • Experiencing a profound intimacy with God-Source within the Center of your Being

  • Gaining tools that support mastering your mind, ego, and life

  • Integrating your higher self with your human self

  • Having clearer direction moving forward

  • Opening your field of opportunities to greater possibilities in life, relationships, health, and work in the world

  • Increase and refine your capacity in all your ways: your outreach, expression, service, business, relationships,  health, creativity, finances, gifts, and abilities

  • Innerstand the mechanics of reality, how it is created via Consciousness and Frequency, and hence become more empowered from within to optimize reality


What is included in this Immersion?
  • Six Group Frequency Regenesis Sessions (two 90-minute sessions, and four 1-hour sessions)

  • One 30-minute Private 1-on-1 Session (I will personally email you instructions for booking your session)

  • Telegram group with personal support from Michael

  • Tools and strategies for Presence embodiment, blueprint actualization and self-mastery

  • Accelerated group field to support and amplify your transformation


Recordings will be available for those who cannot make it for the live session!

This work happens beyond the concepts of linear space and time, hence, you'll receive the benefits when you listen to the recording as if on live.

The session descriptions are listed below, however, sessions will always be freshly facilitated from Presence and hence unfold spontaneously attuned to the greatest possibility for each individual and the group field. I surrender to the Intelligence of Life and it moves in its liberating, restorative, activating Grace, for the benefit of all.


Session 1: Foundational Purpose & Purification - 90 minutes, Saturday, April 1st @ 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time 


Teaching and Frequency Session. 45-minute teaching on: your Foundational Purpose and the greatest discovery and choice a human being can make. A brief intro on how to get the most out of this program. Extra time for shares and questions from participants. Additional 45-minute Frequency Purification session to deeply cleanse faulty foundations and distorting patterns from your life as well as ones inherited through the family lines and human collective. Washing your entire multidimensional architecture from the Source Origin to the physical body, supporting greater restoration, alignment, and Presence embodiment.

Session 2: Stabilization & Mind Calibration - 60 minutes, Saturday, April 8th @ 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time


Becoming rooted in Eternal Presence even stronger. Continued frequency cleansing. Creating a strong foundation within and hence be able to expand into higher frequencies more safely and securely. Bringing your mind and soul Home, feeling more at ease in your body and life. Calibrating your mind and perceptual lens into a natural state of Clear Seeing. Learning to be the stable “eye of the storm” in a world of accelerated change. Coming to know the True Purpose of being human more directly, in your own intimate experience. Gaining strategies to self-master.


Session 3: Embodying Presence - 60 minutes, Saturday, April 15th @ 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time


Embodying the Primary Purpose of Presence even greater. Releasing unnecessary tendencies and priorities that take up your time and energy, so you can focus on what really matters in life. Liberating incomplete timelines that pull you out of centered embodiment. Pervade and repattern your body with Living Light Frequency so you can house your True Presence deeper.


Session 4: Your Authentic Blueprint - 90 minutes, Saturday, April 22nd @ 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time


Teaching and Frequency Session. 45-minute teaching on your Authentic Blueprint and how it becomes actualized, with time for shares and questions from participants. We will also dive deeper into the mechanics of reality, how it is created via Consciousness and Frequency, and hence become more empowered from within to optimize reality. Additional 45-minute Frequency Session and Activation. Cleansing false-self identities, templates and patterns that lead to inauthenticity and incorrect perception of your unique blueprint. Recalibrating and harmonizing your light field. Beginning to activate your blueprint and signature.


Session 5: Blueprint Activation - 60 minutes, Saturday, April 29th @ 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

Greater activation of authentic blueprint, gifts, abilities, qualities, and destiny. Resetting your "operating system" to be able to run the huge upgrades and new frequencies smoothly and coherently. Supporting integration for a graceful and easy transition into your new embodiment.


Session 6: Completion and New Self Integration - 60 minutes, Friday, May 5th @ 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

Resonating the frequency changes from the inside out, optimizing your life, and positively impacting your relationships and the human collective at large. Settling into the New You. Generating empowering frequencies. Wrapping up with deep integration and harmonization throughout your whole operating system so you walk forward refreshed and embodying the shifts that have taken place!

How does it work?

With Frequency Work, you liberate the limiting filters, patterns, and identities through a process of entrainment with the Origin of frequencies, the Eternal Origin of Life, which is accessed through the gateway of the present moment. What seemed to be separate and distorted merges back into conscious unification and hence coherence with the True Source.

During sessions, I become deeply present, surrendered to Higher Will, and hence more transparent to the healing, regenerative, liberating Light of Eternal Presence. I expand and share the resonance of Presence, like a tuning fork. This resonates with and hence evokes the Eternal Presence within you and begins to amplify it in your system, bringing about healing and restoration exactly where it is currently needed via the Intelligence of Life. The Living Light within you starts to shine through and release, transmute or harmonize anything out of harmony with the Truth.

As the false-self patterns fall away, the Wholeness of Who You Are is naturally revealed from within, and your unique Brilliance shines forth as liberated expression, purpose, and benefit.

It is not "me" healing you, the Truth is not mine. It is that Silent Eternal Intelligence within you, that is also within me and all things here and now, that comes forth and heals you. I am not transferring or placing anything inside of you. Everything is already inside of you! Entraining to the resonance of Presence is what heals and restores. Dropping deeper into realized union with Truth, with God, is what restores, as the only things that need restoration are the perception and byproducts of the dream of separation from God.

Sessions will be like an amplified, lightly guided meditation and activation, where I will invite you to bring attention to certain parts of the body or biofield. The power of Living Light Frequency brings everything to a whole new level, making direct experience of Deep Presence and True Meditation much more available. The Frequencies foster powerful, accelerated results that many say nothing else has been as effective for them in their healing and awakening journey.

I will also offer strategic pointers or points of inquiry that support bringing you deeper into Embodied Presence and Truth-Realization, as well as a greater ability to transmute blocks and patterns on your own. The intent is for you to make these simple Presence strategies your own and have a greater toolbelt to use in your day-to-day life for self-mastery. The more you do this level of Frequency Work (which over time you learn to do for yourself) and practice these simple strategies I share, the more Embodied Presence and Wholeness will become your stable, fundamental state of being.

This Series can be broken down into a couple of steps of transformative success: 

1. Relax and engage in the guided frequency-infused meditations. 

2. Practice the Presence strategies provided in your own time. The more you utilize these simple pointers,

the more you will accelerate your awakening and come to master your mind and life. 


After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email from Life Regenesis with instructions to create a personal login info for Podia unless you already have it from the previous frequency immersions. In Podia, you will access all the course content. If you do not find the email, please check promotions/junk mail and contact if you have any trouble.


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