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Group Frequency Programs

Live Immersions

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The Living Light Series

Monthly Frequency Immersion

3-Sessions, every month

November 16th, 23rd, & 30th

Come Home to Truth. Break free from limiting pattern loops that keep repeating in your life and relationships. Pervade your body with regenerative Living Light, bringing forth deep cellular and genetic healing.​ Rehabilitate from “false” light deception and artificial source connections and restore Living Light Architecture - your True Eternal Design. Restore Wholeness, Harmony, Coherence, and Presence.

Image by Elie Khoury

Embodied Presence

Ongoing Group Meetings for

Embodying Deep Presence

Coming Soon!

Every moment you spend in Presence is profoundly beneficial… 

Embodying Presence is Key to a truly thriving, optimal, awakened life. You feel deeply at home in your body. You realize you have always been whole and complete. You are calmly empowered from within, clear, free, at peace, and fulfilled. At the deeper levels, you come to directly experience the Silent Presence of God within - the ultimate reunion.



Epic One-year Frequency Journey 
w/ Michael & Sanni

April 30, 2022 - April 23, 2023

Advanced frequency program for those that are here to initiate radical, empowering shifts in your life, realize the mechanics of manifest reality, embody greater health, relationships, work, wealth, and pure essence actualization to create lasting, beneficial change on this planet.

Container is closed for this year.

Sign up for a waiting list for an equivalent program in 2023 by using the contact form here.

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