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The Truth of Who You Are is Magnificent Beyond Comprehension.

No matter what seems to hold you back or what you believe,
you are Whole, Empowered, and Free at your core,
and you carry a unique brilliance to express into the world.

My services are designed to support you in realizing and living this fundamental reality of being.

I am here to help you embody the Freedom of Eternal Presence, release limiting patterns and identities,
and actualize your brilliant potential and purpose as a human being.

I facilitate through an organic technology of 
Living Light Frequency and tailored guidance that fosters

Life Regenesis

Let's restore Wholeness, for ourselves and the planet.

Meet Michael

Life Regenesis Specialist

Welcome, Dear Friend. I am glad you have arrived. 

A whole new reality is dawning, and many of us are being called to step into our greatest expression and service.

I am here to help you come Home to the Freedom of Eternal Presence, regenerate your life, and actualize your brilliant potential and purpose as a human being.


I invite you to join me and those worldwide whose lives have been deeply transformed through Life Regenesis sessions and online group immersions. It is a joy and honor to be on this amazing journey together.

With immense love,

Winding Roads
Antler in Nature
Tortum Waterfalls


Your soul remembers Home, whether you realize this or not. It came from Pure Eternal Truth, Goodness, & Harmony, and yearns to return. The mission though is not to "go back" somewhere else, it is to realize and embody Home, Here and Now. The dimension of Home is within you, and I am here to help you re-member.



"Michael is one of the highest caliber energy workers that I have seen in my 20 years of experience as an energy healing recipient & professional practitioner."

- Atasieā Kenneth L. Ferguson

"What I experienced during the session with Michael, is by far the most potent and pure transmission I have ever received.”

- Arjun Chahal

“My life has moved forward tremendously in the month and a half since my session with Michael."

- Dana McMaster

"Michael is a teacher of teachers. Working with him has been the most authentically transformative experience in my life."

- Graham Duvall

Explore Life Regenesis Offerings

The Living Light Series (Facebook Cover) (1).png

The Living Light Series

Monthly Frequency Immersion

3-Sessions, every month

November 16th, 23rd, & 30th

Come Home to Truth. Break free from limiting pattern loops that keep repeating in your life and relationships. Pervade your body with regenerative Living Light, bringing forth deep cellular and genetic healing.​ Rehabilitate from “false” light deception and artificial source connections and restore Living Light Architecture - your True Eternal Design. Restore Wholeness, Harmony, Coherence, and Presence.

Image by Elie Khoury

Embodied Presence

Ongoing Group Meetings for

Embodying Deep Presence

Coming Soon!

Every moment you spend in Presence is profoundly beneficial. 

Embodying Presence is Key to a truly thriving, optimal, awakened life. You feel deeply at home in your body. You realize you have always been whole and complete. You are calmly empowered from within, clear, free, at peace, and fulfilled. At the deeper levels, you come to directly experience the Silent Presence of God within - the ultimate reunion.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

One-to-One Sessions

Tailored Support for Awakening and Life Regeneration

April 30, 2022 - April 23, 2023

Be specifically supported in your journey. Restore Wholeness in your life and relationships. Liberate limiting patterns that cause suffering and detriment in your experience. Come into a renewed sense of self, greater confidence, freedom, embodiment, peace, clarity, stability, and fulfillment. Embody a fuller degree of your Pure Presence, Purpose, and Potential. Be the Truth of Who You Are.

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