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Image by Ken Cheung

“In my case, Michael helped me become more aware of my unique gifts as he guided me into a safe and secure place where deep healing and transformation took place. What I experienced during the session with Michael, is by far the most potent and pure transmission I have ever received.”

-Arjun Chahal, Victoria, British Columbia

One-to-One Sessions

New to Life Regenesis Frequency Work? Read more about it HERE.

Be specifically supported in your journey. Restore Wholeness in your life and relationships. Liberate limiting patterns that cause suffering and detriment in your experience. Embody a fuller degree of your Pure Presence, Purpose, and Potential. Be the Truth of Who You Are.

In one-to-one sessions, you are welcome to share any intention or question you might have pertaining to your life and what you would like to achieve out of our time together, although it is not required. Many clients simply show up with no intention other than whatever is in the greatest alignment and it unfolds beautifully from there. Sessions are always facilitated from Presence, attuned to the greatest benefit in the moment. You can be sure you will be held in a safe and pure container.

Sessions will be like an amplified, lightly guided meditation and activation, where I will invite you to bring attention to certain parts of the body or biofield. I will also share pointers or points of inquiry that support bringing you deeper into Awakened Presence, as well as a greater ability to liberate blocks, limiting beliefs, and patterns on your own.

The power of Living Light Frequency fosters potent, direct, accelerated results and makes the embodied experience of enlightened Presence much more available.


In a session you may experience:

  • A deepening into embodied Presence and Stillness

  • A renewed sense of self, greater confidence, freedom, embodiment, peace, clarity, stability, and fulfillment

  • Breaking free from hamster wheels of healing and limiting pattern loops that keep repeating in your life and relationships

  • Restoring Wholeness and feeling a more profound sense of being at home in your body and life

  • Pervading your body with regenerative Living Light, bringing forth deep cellular and genetic healing

  • Clearing and repattern your body to be able to fully house your True Presence, so you walk as an illumined, beneficial contribution to humanity

  • Integrating fragmented aspects of self that have been lost in other timelines

  • Upgrades in gifts, abilities, and service

  • Greater embodiment of your unique blueprint and incarnational assignment

  • Rewiring of the brain and nervous system into a more coherent and balanced state

  • Gaining tools that support mastering your mind, ego, and life

​By resolving the distorting patterns, more of who you essentially are as a free, limitless being shines through into every cell of your body and every area of your life. Ultimately, with self-commitment, this work fosters the actualization of your greatest potential and most authentic expression as a human being.

How does it work?

With Frequency Work, you liberate the limiting filters, patterns, and identities through a process of entrainment with the Origin of frequencies, the Eternal Origin of Life, which is accessed through the gateway of the present moment. What seemed to be separate and distorted merges back into conscious unification and hence coherence with the True Source.

During sessions, I become deeply present, surrendered to Higher Will, and hence more transparent to the healing, regenerative, liberating Light of Eternal Presence. I expand and share the resonance of Presence, like a tuning fork. This resonates with and hence evokes the Eternal Presence within you and begins to amplify it in your system, bringing about healing and restoration exactly where it is currently needed via the Intelligence of Life. The Living Light within you starts to shine through and release, transmute or harmonize anything out of harmony with the Truth.

As the false-self patterns fall away, the Truth of Who You Are is naturally revealed from within, and your unique Brilliance shines forth as liberated expression, purpose, and benefit.

It is not "me" healing you, the Truth is not mine. It is that Silent Eternal Intelligence within you, that is also within me and all things here and now, that comes forth and heals you. I am not transferring or placing anything inside of you. Everything is already inside of you! Entraining to the resonance of Presence is what heals and restores. Dropping deeper into realized at-one-ment with Truth, with God, is what restores, as the only things that need restoration are the perception and byproducts of the dream of separation from God.

I greatly look forward to sharing the healing power of Presence and Living Light Frequency with you.


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