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In-Depth Frequency Immersion

Awaken from the slumber of separation into the True Unitive Freedom that you are

Five Group Frequency Sessions, Online via Zoom

Dates: Five consecutive weeks, Saturday December 2nd - 30th @ 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.
(Specific dates listed in text below)

Cost: one payment of $222 or two monthly payments of $111
If you *need* financial assistance send me a message!

Optional: 1on1 session with Michael for an additional fee (limited spots available)

Click here to book a session


In this immersion, there will be deep levels of purification, liberation, and unplugging from the false light matrix of separation. Eyes will be opened to Truth, life force retrieved, soul aspects redeemed via the grace of the Eternal Source within. 

Engage the Christos mission of the restoration of creation to the eternal life blueprint.

The Way of Christ is nothing less than complete restoration of

true identity, destiny, and the eternal life blueprint at the highest level for the sake of all.


The Incarnation of Christ represents total oneness of divinity and humanity, spirit and body, heaven and earth... the abolishment of the fallen mindset of separation from God and hence seizing of the endless karmic pathway of working our way back to God. Separation is an illusion, God's being is your being.

Within you is more beauty, power, love, goodness and wisdom than you can possibly comprehend at this time. The omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient source of life abides within you, and indeed, you are a unique expression of this Holy One.

This is a space to fulfill the greatest desire of the heart. Engaging our already-existent union with God, reuniting as a family of the Most High, realizing the restoration of eternal life and destiny actualization.

A space to consciously abide in Presence and liberate the separate self identity that is the root of all problems, lack, co-dependency, insecurity, low self-esteem, disconnection, conflict, war, and greed.

A space for consistent upgrades to our operating system into the New Creation Reality, aligning with the Christ Mind and eternal life DNA.


An evolving, cumulative, Spirit-led monthly series where we harmonize with the Living Presence of God within, entraining to the Resurrection Power of the Holy Spirit/reality of the Resurrected Christ, manifesting who we are as an eternal spirit being of love in embodied form.

This is for those that are called to go all-in on your Kingdom identity and destiny, co-fulfilling the Christos mission of the restoration of all creation to the eternal life blueprint

Timeline and DNA repair from Source Origin - The Christ Blueprint

There are so many being called to and encountered by the Spirit of Yeshua on the planet right now. There is a reason for this, it is not just by random chance. We are being called into our true identity, inheritance, positions, and responsibilities in the Kingdom of God for which Yeshua is the head. He desires to love, disciple, train, and initiate us into the full manifestation of who we truly are as a royal family of God. It is time we re-member and fulfill the destiny written in the scrolls of our hearts, as a unified Body.

I walk in intimate fellowship with Yeshua Jesus as a disciple and steward of the Christic Way, beyond the anti-Christic distortions and reversals of man made religion and false light pathways. I want to make clear that I do not condemn anyone for their chosen spiritual path or practice, I am simply making a distinction here and expressing what I am sharing and what has been radically life-changing for me. the most transformational, beautiful, ecstatic, love-filled Way I've experienced. This path is not exclusive to only a few individuals, Christ includes all.

Yeshua is not a religion, He came to end religion, to end the madness of separation, slave consciousness. He came to reveal who God really is, and who we really are as the image and likeness of God, and to redeem us into Eternal Life, the resurrected Tree of Life which includes our physical body.

The Way of Christ is the organic awakening and resurrection path, into full redemption and manifestation of the divine blueprint, spirit, soul, and body, and hence manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. For those that are called to Christ, the Christ lineage and the Christ mission of complete restoration of creation, but don't resonate with religious distortion and what has been sadly done in the name of “Jesus”, this may be an avenue for you to engage in and explore!


I want to say that I do not condemn any person. I am called to love, not condemnation. I do however make distinctions here between religion and Jesus Christ so as not to confuse people by using the same name that has been distorted within mainstream Christianity. I also do not claim to have everything "right" or have all the answers. I don't ever want someone putting me in God's place. I am here as a son of God pointing to God, pointing to the One within all who is the source of all Truth. The Wisdom, Love and Truth of God resides within you.


I’ve spent the past two years digging deep within and receiving revelation on the truth of Jesus Christ after a direct, life-changing encounter with His Spirit. This encounter led me to realize Him and His mission is much greater and far more beautiful than what I can comprehend, and it includes us all regardless of our belief structure… It continues to blow my mind and heart in amazing ways. 

And not like window-shopping, seeing this amazing being that I could never amount to, but seeing that


Yeshua came as our mirror, as the fullness of divinity and humanity in one, to lift us out of the fallen matrix and up into our divine inheritance, destiny and eternal life embodiment. He said, “greater things shall you do than I, as I goto the Father”. We are continuing the Christ mission of the restoration of all things.


It is of paramount importance that we are directed correctly and not lead astray in our walk, as there are many distortions within this world of those who say they are proclaimers of the gospel of Christ, yet live in opposition to the nature of Christ which is unconditional love, wisdom, joy, peace, righteousness and true benefic power.


There is a fallen system overlay we’ve been involved in and have seemingly incarnated into. Things are not as they seem through the lens of a dualistic mind. Christ in you is the key and Way out of the fallen system into the eternal life reality/system, the Tree of Life system.

We are coming into a time where we have the ability to access and manifest the New Creation Christ Body to degrees never before available on a collective level. Truly exciting times!

Downloading the Mind of Christ within our brain’s mainframe and manifesting the Glorified Body within our DNA and biology.

This is not something we can do on our own, it must happen via Grace. There has to be a higher, transcendent intercessor on our behalf,

Releasing frequencies from the eternal realm to regenerate our being and harmonize in multidimensional coherence.

Ascension is not about transcending our physical body, it’s about embodying the transcendent!

In this container, this happens through the intercession of the Incarnate Word, Yeshuva Hamashiach, aka Christ Jesus. By aligning with the DNA of Yeshua we align with the resurrected, glorified New Human Template. Christ is the firstborn of the New Creation Race. Jesus is not a religion, He came to end religion. He came to redeem all of humanity's bloodline and DNA from the fallen templating to the original deathless blueprint, resurrecting the Way into Eternal Life, restoring our relationship with the Father~Mother~Source of our being.


This is part of the universal Christ mission to restore and glorify all creation that Jesus came for that has been majorly distorted by the anti-Christic spirit that is behind fallen man made religion and false light pathways.

We come together to engage oneness with the Living Source of our being, and integrate our Christ-identity, DNA, and body.

We ascend in frequency, collectively, as a coherent group field. Not by our works or performance, but by transcendent Grace. We are not working our way into Union and Ascension. In the Spirit, we are already in Union, we are already raised, ascended and seated in heavenly places. So we are unveiling our consciousness by God’s grace to the higher reality of our true Christ identity, which then starts to translate Eternal Life into our soul and biology, regenerating us from the inside out. Hence, BioReGenesis. Being regenerated and reborn into the New Creation Life.

The calling upon me is to support those who are called by Christ Yeshua as disciples of the Way, here to manifest the full stature of Christ and hence manifest Heaven on earth from the inside out. You are a literal DNA child of the Most High.

How does it work?

All of this is made available via the Eternal Christ who incarnated as Yeshua Hamashiach, aka Jesus. Religion majorly distorted the God-man Jesus which has caused massive issues, abuse, manipulation and misunderstanding. Jesus came to reveal the invisible, uncreated God to us, and to reveal who we really are, the image and likeness of God embodied in human form. Not only did the Eternal Christ descend into form as Jesus to reveal complete union of divinity and humanity, he came to redeem our Eternal Life DNA which fell into corruption, death and slave programming, and resurrect the Way Home.

Our original blueprint doesn’t include death, we are eternal life beings, designed to live in absolute love and translate our bodies through the dimensions. Jesus came for universal reconciliation, to restore us as New Creations, and for us to then restore creation as Christed ones. We have the DNA of God within us, and our destiny is to embody Christ fully and restore all of creation as a result. We are to be the love of God for the sake of all, manifesting heaven on earth from the inside out.

Yeshua is NOT a religion, he is the original eternal Word that creation was created through, that incarnated for all humanity’s sake, who crucified the old, fallen templating, buried it (God descending into us), and then resurrected, and ascended with the physical body “above all the heavens/dimensions” including us (God ascending us).

This is the true Gospel of grace. It’s not for a select few, we all have access.

Harmonizing with God’s Presence.

This is also a time where we will be engaging simple Union and harmonizing with God’s Eternal Presence. This is absolutely foundational for our lives and for everything we are designed to fulfill as destiny. This makes the difference between mere intellectual ideas about God, and the direct living experience of God where concepts that tend to divide us rather than unify are void. This is where true love, peace, joy, health, and right-standing with God starts to flower open in our experience, into our lives, relationships, and work in the world.

The closer we are vibrationally to God’s Presence the greater we experience and manifest health (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, relationally), wellbeing, union, peace, joy, love, security, stability, confidence, clarity, prosperity, generosity, creativity, purpose, vitality, connection and so forth. We could collectively call this Health.

The farther we are vibrationally from God’s Presence the more we experience death or end-energy - lack, separation, dis-ease, low self-worth, insecurity, confusion, lostness, ungroundedness, instability, disempowerment, greed,

There is one problem and one solution. The problem is the experience of separation from God’s Presence and all its byproducts which we see violently displayed on the world stage, and in our lives. Therefore the solution is vibrational unification with God’s Presence.

It’s all very simple actually, and we can’t merely intellectualize our way into it. If all these words create a sense of complication, I invite you to relax, take a breath, drop your consciousness into your core, and simply be here, now, with no agenda. All is well, and all shall be well.

God is a mystery, and simultaneously simple beyond words.

Together, we will harmonize with God within us, experiencing and manifesting greater Health, moment by moment.

Divine Intimacy, Oneness with God

Intimacy with God

In today’s world we have a great need of interior silence and intimacy with the Most High Source of our being. There is so much going on, an abundance of internal and external noise that can coax our attention out of presence from the divine center. 


To live a life of conscious intimacy with God is to live a life of fulfillment. It is to exist in love with the Beloved, what our heart most deeply yearns for.


For those that desire to:

  • Experience and directly know the depths of God within

  • Fulfill the divine destiny written in the scroll of your spirit

  • Regenerate your being; spirit, soul, and body, from the fountain of eternal life within/from the inside out

  • Deepen in revelation of the Christ Mystery in you

  • Embrace the Way of Messiah Yeshua, the revealer and redeemer of our Divine Image and Eternal Life DNA

  • Engage Oneness and intimacy with the Eternal Presence of God

  • Realize deeper degrees of who you really are as an eternal spirit being

  • Heal from fallen, separation consciousness, the root of all human distortion, dis-ease and detriment

  • Come to know and claim your inheritance as a child of God

  • Retrieve lost or trapped aspects of the soul

  • Untangle from the false light matrix

  • Repair corrupted genetics and be liberated from distorted family and human patterns

  • Move from self-consciousness to God-consciousness

  • Embody your unique blueprint and purpose, incarnate Love

  • Understand the universal, all-inclusive Christic mission of Jesus beyond the anti-Christic distortions and reversals of man made religion and false light pathways

  • Come to know how absolutely, unconditionally loved you already are by God Most High, regardless of what you have or haven’t done

  • Be redeemed into your true identity and eternal life blueprint, for the benefit of all

  • Receive spiritual security and insulation by consciously coming under the cover of Yeshua

  • Activate higher dimensions of your being

  • Live from the Spirit, “in the world not of the world”

  • Embody greater resilience, stability, security, freedom by means of embodying your already resilient, stable, secure, awake, free Spirit

  • Step into and operate from the Holy of Holies within you

  • Be a Kingdom citizen by operating from the Kingdom of God with you

  • Manifest Heaven on earth from the inside out

  • You become what you behold - behold the Christ self, the image and likeness of God, to become all that you are here to be 

  • Embody the Truth of who you already are

  • Saturate your body with the frequencies of Heaven

  • Translate the template of your heavenly body into your current physical body 

  • Master your mind instead of it mastering you

  • Your frequency set and mind is creating experiences and realities. Clean up your frequencies and mind to clean up and optimize your experience and realities.

  • You are an eternal spirit being and you have a soul - as a spirit being you are designed to govern over your mind, will, emotions, imagination. This is paramount to embody, otherwise, you will be governed by your patterns, mind, will, emotions, imagination. You will operate more like a patterned robot than a free being with free choice rooted in Love.

  • Come to know peace, love, and the mind of Christ as your fundamental operating system

  • Operate from a Presence/True Self-based operating system versus a separation/false self-based operating system

  • Entrain to Eternal Presence, Attune to the True You

  • Feel called to/Wanting to operate consciously in the Christ lineage, the Christ transmission and mission 

  • Enter the Eternal Life Christ system out of the fallen, finite life anti-Christ system 

  • Walk through the Holy Fire, burning away all that isn’t True, coming out the other side as the unique, Pure Expression of God you are here to be

  • Embody and operate from stillness, the stillpoint, center point within

  • Take charge and responsibility for your life and awakening within the system of grace, not by works 

  • Yeshua wants us to be embodied Masters, Ascended Ones, including the body 

  • Spirit and physical body fusion, oneness, singularity 

  • Humility 

  • Experience Mystical Union

  • Into fully connected, resurrected Tree of Eternal Life, including the physical body, out of fallen tree of life system, separation, death, decay, slave system.

  • Heal the divide between spirit and body, mind and heart, humanness and beingness, male and female, God and self 

  • Get unstuck from fallen timelines and time loops, “broken record” patterning as that continue cycling in your life 

  • Break free from ancestral baggage 

  • Realize freedom and the Truth of who you are, there is only I, only One manifesting, expressing and experiencing a diverse array

  • Come to the very root of your being, the stable core of who you are 

  • Activate your unique song, your one-of-a-kind signature frequency 

  • Love like Christ

  • Be Christ-conscious; see Christ in all from Christ in you, and love all from this recognition of God in everyone

  • Become a sanctified gate of heaven, translating the frequencies of the higher heavens on earth, manifesting heaven on earth 

  • Embody True Self 

Disclaimer: all of what I’ve written and listed as potential byproducts are not guaranteed, overnight transformations. Yes, there are radical, immediate shifts that can and do happen, and, this is a journey we are walking out in time and space, so it takes time, willingness, and taking responsibility.

The original blueprint of reality is one of eternal life, unity, freedom, peace, compassion, wellbeing, and harmony.  Many of us do not experience this as our true, fundamental condition due to our perception being veiled by a false sense of self.

What if this essential nature of freedom, love, and wellbeing can be resurrected within your experience, illuminating and renewing your body, mind, and soul, expressing into the world as a beneficial contribution?

There is a fallen consciousness in this world, fallen from the original, organic blueprint. Some may call it a false light matrix. The root of this matrix isn't "out there" necessarily. It's a separate self operating system that we experience and filter reality through, overlaying the Eternal Life operating system that is our essential, Christic nature. 

This separate self program experiences lack, brokenness, lostness, unworthiness, dis-ease, and insecurity at a root level, due to perceiving separation from the True Source of life, keeping one in endless cycles of healing, seeking, and never-enoughness.


This self is not the actuality of who you are and is the core cause of ALL unnecessary suffering and issues in our lives and on this planet. This fallen self is like a deceiving mirage, a play of light, layered over one's eyes and one's true blueprint. A virus to the original operating system, the original source code of reality.

The good news is the True You is wise and beautiful beyond measure, fully intact, free, whole, lacking nothing, here and now. In this series, our aim is to resurrect this within your experiential reality. Embodying this true, loving essence is the destiny of our lives.

In this series, through the power of Pure Source Frequency and Presence Entrainment we will immerse in the Organic Light, releasing the false self program, reclaiming our life from the false light matrix, and restoring the original blueprint. 

The Source of all life, all healing, all wisdom, is within you.


I deeply look forward to this Immersion. It's going to be a powerful and beautiful time.



Some of what we'll be diving into:

  • Break free from hamster wheels of healing and limiting pattern loops that keep repeating in your life and relationships

  • Come Home to Truth IN your body and experience a renewed sense of self, greater confidence, embodiment, peace, clarity, stability, and fulfillment 

  • Pervade your body with regenerative Living Light, bringing forth deep cellular and genetic healing

  • Increase and refine your capacity in all your ways: your outreach, expression, service, business, relationships,  health, creativity, finances, gifts, and abilities

  • Rehabilitate from “false” light deception and artificial source connections and restore Living Light Architecture - your True Eternal Design

  • Clear and repattern your body to be able to fully house your True Presence, so you walk as an illumined, beneficial contribution to humanity

  • Recalibrate your inner compass to the True North Star - the Divine Will and Purpose for your life



This Series represents a supercharged approach to accelerate the corrective, restorative, liberative process through the power of Living Light Frequency and guided Embodied Presence strategies. By bathing in the resonance of the Living Light, you liberate distorting patterns and identities, restoring yourself, life and relationships back to Original Wholeness and Coherence. Through releasing these patterns that experientially pull you out of the Truth of Who You Are, you more and more come to naturally abide in your Home of Embodied Presence - the most optimal location for a thriving and serviceful life.


What is included in the program?


  • Five Live Group Frequency Sessions via Zoom (all sessions are recorded)

  • Lifetime access to recordings

  • Practical tools to embody Presence and integrate the higher frequency reality in your life

  • Accelerated group field to support and amplify your transformation

  • Exclusive Telegram group with community engagement and support

If you are unable to attend live: All sessions will be recorded. I will work with you regardless of if you are on the call live or not. When you listen to the recording it will be as if doing it live as the sessions are conducted in a timeless space.

The session descriptions are listed below, however, sessions will always be freshly facilitated from Presence and hence unfold spontaneously attuned to the greatest possibility for each individual and the group field. I surrender to the Intelligence of God-Source and it moves in its liberating, restorative, activating Grace, for the benefit of all.


Session 1: Wash: 90 minutes, Saturday, December 2nd @ 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Teaching on awakening from the fallen self nature and into the True Self Nature. Frequency Session - Bathing in the Living Light. Cleansing any “false light” templating, artificial source connections, faulty foundations, distorting patterns from your life as well as ones inherited through the family lines and human collective. Washing your entire multidimensional architecture from the Source Origin to the physical body, supporting greater restoration, alignment, and Presence embodiment.

Session 2: Unplug & Immerse: 70 minutes, Saturday, December 9th @ 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Deeper unplugging from the false light matrix. Reclaiming of life force and soul aspects scattered and trapped in time and space. Immerse and saturate in the Organic Light. Realignment into original blueprint.

Session 3: Stabilize & Unify: 70 minutes, Friday, December 15th @ 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Becoming rooted in and unified with Eternal Presence even stronger. Bringing your soul Home, feeling more at ease and planted in your body and life. Learning to be the stable “eye of the storm” in a world of chaos and change. Continued awakening to freedom. Coming to know and be experientially One with the True Organic Light more directly, in your own intimate experience. Gaining strategies to self-master.


Session 4: Restoring the Blueprint, Recalibrating the Compass: 70 minutes, Saturday, December 23rd @ 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Now that much has been cleared, we are ready to restore and activate your original blueprint to an even greater degree. This will be a potent recalibration into your essential nature as well as your inner compass to the True North Star - the Divine Will and Purpose for your life. Our inner compass has been calibrated through the fallen self which has a vastly different directive than the True You of open, loving, aware Being.

Session 5: Complete & Renew: 70 minutes, Saturday, December 30th @ 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time


Resonating the frequency changes from the inside out, optimizing your life, and positively impacting your relationships and the human collective at large. Settling into the New You, settling into Freedom, Peace, Wellbeing. Generating empowering frequencies. Wrapping up with deep integration and harmonization throughout your whole operating system so you walk forward refreshed and embodying the shifts that have taken place!

To identify your time zone click this link:

Results others have experienced through Frequency Regenesis:

  • Resolving patterns of unnecessary anxiety, fear, self-doubt, self-sabotage, and low self-esteem 

  • Clearing out detrimental programming on an individual, ancestral and human collective level

  • Restoring Wholeness and feeling a more profound sense of being at home and happy in one's body and life

  • Learning how to be truly present in any moment, operating from higher intelligence, whether actively engaged in life or not

  • Integrating fragmented aspects of self that have been lost in other timelines

  • Healing of the inner child, restoring innocence

  • Retraining consciousness to stay rooted in the body, in the here and now, awake, clear, and free

  • Upgrades in gifts, abilities, and service

  • A renewed sense of purpose 

  • Greater embodiment of one's unique blueprint and incarnational assignment

  • Rewiring of the brain and nervous system into a more coherent and balanced state

  • Actualizing greater integrity and congruence of thoughts, words, and actions

  • Restoring coherence to the frequencies that make up one's life: multidimensional architecture (physical body, energy body, soul body, spirit body, etc.), relationships, health, and work in the world

  • Abiding in the Truth of Who One Is at a greater, much more easeful, and authentic degree 

  • Experiencing a profound intimacy with God-Source within the Center of one's Being

  • Gaining tools that support mastering one's mind, ego, and life

  • Regenerating life from the inside out 

How does it work?

With Frequency Work, you liberate the limiting filters, patterns, and identities through a process of entrainment with the Origin of frequencies, the Eternal Origin of Life, which is accessed through the gateway of the present moment. What seemed to be separate and distorted merges back into conscious unification and hence coherence with the True Source.

During sessions, I become deeply present, surrendered to Higher Will, and hence more transparent to the healing, regenerative, liberating Light of Eternal Presence. I expand and share the resonance of Presence, like a tuning fork. This resonates with and hence evokes the Eternal Presence within you and begins to amplify it in your system, bringing about healing and restoration exactly where it is currently needed via the Intelligence of Life. The Living Light within you starts to shine through and release, transmute or harmonize anything out of harmony with the Truth.

As the false-self patterns fall away, the Truth of Who You Are is naturally revealed from within, and your unique Brilliance shines forth as liberated expression, purpose, and benefit.

It is not "me" healing you, the Truth is not mine. It is that Silent Eternal Intelligence within you, that is also within me and all things here and now, that comes forth and heals you. I am not transferring or placing anything inside of you. Everything is already inside of you! Entraining to the resonance of Presence is what heals and restores. Dropping deeper into realized at-one-ment with Truth, with God, is what restores, as the only things that need restoration are the perception and byproducts of the dream of separation from God.

Sessions will be like an amplified, lightly guided meditation and activation, where I will invite you to bring attention to certain parts of the body or biofield. The power of Living Light Frequency brings everything to a whole new level, making direct experience of Deep Presence and True Meditation much more available. The Frequencies foster powerful, accelerated results that many say nothing else has been as effective for them in their healing and awakening journey.

I will also offer strategic pointers or points of inquiry that support bringing you deeper into Embodied Presence and Truth-Realization, as well as a greater ability to transmute blocks and patterns on your own. The intent is for you to make these simple Presence strategies your own and have a greater toolbelt to use in your day-to-day life for self-mastery. The more you do this level of Frequency Work (which over time you learn to do for yourself) and practice these simple strategies I share, the more Embodied Presence will become your stable, fundamental state of being.


This Series can be broken down into a couple of steps of transformative success: 

1. Relax and engage in guided frequency-infused meditations. 

2. Utilize the Awakening strategies provided in your own time. The more you utilize these simple pointers,

the more you will accelerate your awakening and come to master your mind and life. 


The level of change this work offers is deep, and just like anything worth succeeding in, it takes time, presence, and commitment. Resolving the traumas, conditioning, and patterns laid down in your being that have been built up not only in your lifetime but inherited from human unconsciousness over time immemorial isn’t often an overnight event. True awakening and optimization of human potential take complete self-responsibility. With this said, the testimonials speak for themselves regarding how effective this work is!





After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email from Life Regenesis with instructions to create a personal login info for Podia unless you already have it from the previous frequency immersions. In Podia, you will access all the course content. If you do not find the email, please check promotions/junk mail and contact if you have any trouble.

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