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Embodied Presence
Single Sessions

Registration: $33

Upcoming Date:

@ 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. 60-minutes running time.

Every moment in Presence is profoundly beneficial…

Embodied Presence restores and upgrades not only your inner world of experience but every area of your life; health, relationships, and work in the world. It is key to a truly thriving existence, the key to being engaged in the world in any situation in an intelligently responsive, creative, beneficial, authentic, and impactful way.

In this session, you will be guided to deepen into Embodied Presence through simple strategies that you can take into your life and utilize at any moment no matter what you are doing. I will facilitate through a transmission of Presence that resonates into the group field and evokes Presence in you. You will experience Frequency Work tailored to liberate distorting programs that cause spiritual, mental, emotional and/or physical dis-ease. Free up patterns of separation from God-Source, patterns that pull you of the Present, so you can more easily abide in the natural and optimal state of being human.

In Presence, you feel deeply at Home in your body...

You realize you have always been whole and complete at your core.

Patterns of insecurity, anxiety, fear, self-doubt, and co-dependency start to dissolve out of your experience.

You are calmly empowered from within, clear, free, at peace, and fulfilled.

Healing, rectification and restoration can take place, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Insights and revelations flow into you from the Divine Mind bringing transformative, creative solutions for any area of life.

Qualities of generosity, love, kindness, peace, contentment, joy, wisdom, abundance, compassion, and gratitude arise within you as your natural state of Being. 

Your unique, authentic expression and creativity comes online and flows freely into life.

At the deeper levels, you come to directly experience the Silent, Eternal Presence of God within - the home of reunion and restoration.

You always have a choice to be present or not. The choice of being present is one of the most powerful choices you can make because it is the natural and most optimal way to be, live, act, think, relate, and create… it is our Primary Purpose. 

If you really want to come all the way Home and abide in Presence continuously and fundamentally, it takes commitment and complete responsibility in bringing the unconscious aspects within you to consciousness. Otherwise, you can visit Presence occasionally but then be pulled out into unconsciousness via unresolved patterns, emotions and identities. 

I can’t tell you how profoundly impactful this simple commitment is for every area of life.

What is on offer for all of us is instead of being lost in the sufferable dream of separation, inner battle, and insecurity, occasionally visiting Presence, we come to abide in Presence as our fundamental operating system, which is a deeply embodied and naturally empowered state.

Frequency Regenesis is an amazing, innate technology of Living Light that fosters profound, accelerated, core-level shifts that may otherwise take a lot of time and effort to move through. We are in a time on our planet where making shifts can be done swiftly and efficiently with the proper approach, via the Grace of God.

I look forward to meeting you in Eternal Presence.



What is included in this offering?

  • ​One 60-minute Session via Zoom

  • Tools to support becoming adept at being Present

  • Accelerated, coherent group field ​​to amplify the shifts and awakening potential


After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email from Life Regenesis with instructions to create a personal login info for Podia unless you already have it from the previous frequency immersions. In Podia, you will access all the course content. If you do not find the email, please check promotions/junk mail and contact if you have any trouble.

If you are unable to attend live: All sessions will be recorded. I will work with you regardless of if you are on the call live or not. When you listen to the recording it will be as if doing it live as the sessions are conducted in a timeless space.

To identify your time zone click this link:






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