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90-Minute Group Frequency Regenesis

FREE Session; In-depth Series coming in 2023!

Pre-recorded session

"Why am I here?"

This question resonates in the mind and soul of every human being. 


We all live according to what we perceive our purpose to be, or what we prioritize above all else. But how many have complete clarity on the primary purpose of being human and know a means to actualize it? 


Many of us live from patterns of lack and hence our unconscious purpose or priority may be to be approved of, loved, or accepted by the outside world, and so our entire lives are geared towards this. I know this was the case for me.

What you eventually discover is that filling the void within oneself can never actually happen from the outside world… it is impossible. It’s a God-sized hole we have within us. Only the Eternal Truth will satisfy the soul’s profound hunger.

We are all on a journey to discover everlasting happiness or fulfillment. Our inner compass is set to this North Star, yet we are mostly confused about where the True Source of journey fulfillment is. The search gets directed to temporal things like money, relationships, feelings, peak experiences, and so on, never truly satisfying you at the deepest level, hence leaving you continuously seeking. This is not to say these things don’t provide benefits if used appropriately.


If we look into this though, is it possible for something that comes and goes to provide stable, *everlasting* happiness and fulfillment? By nature, something would have to be ever-present to provide everlasting contentment… yes? So you have to discover what is eternal - what doesn't come and go about you - to complete the search. This is the greatest discovery a human being can make, and in my eyes, is when the True Human Being is birthed and where life and service really begin.

The soul came from a Realm of Eternal Truth, Peace, Harmony, and Wholeness - ‘Heaven’ - and is on a journey to re-member. The purpose is not to go back somewhere else though, it’s embodying the reality of Heaven, Here and Now… on Earth. This is the soul’s resting place, its Primary Purpose. To be in the world of time from the timeless dimension of Presence. We all intuit this purpose on some level, and that is partly why we endlessly search until we finally discover this Eternal Home. Not somewhere out of the body in another dimension or in a future timeline, but realizing this infinite dimension within, inclusive of the body, in this present moment.

To make it clear, I am not speaking of an exclusive, separate, or man-made religious concept of Heaven or God. I am speaking of the omnipresent Eternal Intelligence, Whole Nature, and realizable reality within EVERY human being.

In this Group Regenesis Session, we will be diving into the Primary Purpose of being human and how we can actualize this not only for ourselves but for the benefit of all. We will look into what is already Stable, Whole, Complete, and Ever-Present about you, and how realizing this naturally leads to the fruition of your greatest potential. As you embody the Primary Purpose, your unique blueprint, genius, and destiny are inherently and most authentically birthed.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and live righteously, and all these things shall be added unto you” - Matthew 6:33. 

Firstly, Come Home to the Eternal Presence, Peace, Wisdom, and Wholeness within you and live as a conscious expression of this, and all will unfold and be given in perfect timing and congruence with your destiny.

In addition to the teaching, you will receive core-level Frequency Work which is a supercharged, effective approach to liberating the limiting patterns that get in the way of realizing and fulfilling your Purpose.

It is time to Restore Wholeness, for ourselves and the planet.


What is included in the webinar?
  • 45-minute talk on the Primary Purpose of a Human Being and the Mechanics of How to Finally Fulfill This, Optimizing Life and Relationships, Embodying Presence-Stillness while Being Engaged in the World, and How Your Unique Blueprint Blooms.

  • 45-minute Frequency Meditation, Purification & Activation

  • Accelerated group field to support and amplify your transformation


A recording will be available for those who cannot make it for the live session!

This work happens beyond the concepts of linear space and time, hence, you'll receive the benefits when you listen to the recording.



After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email from Life Regenesis with instructions to create a personal login info for Podia unless you already have it from the previous frequency immersions. In Podia, you will access all the course content. If you do not find the email, please check promotions/junk mail and contact if you have any trouble.

How does it work?

With Frequency Work, you liberate the limiting filters, patterns, and identities through a process of entrainment with the Origin of frequencies, the Eternal Origin of Life, which is accessed through the gateway of the present moment. What seemed to be separate and distorted merges back into conscious unification and hence coherence with the True Source.

During sessions, I become deeply present, surrendered to Higher Will, and hence more transparent to the healing, regenerative, liberating Light of Eternal Presence. I expand and share the resonance of Presence, like a tuning fork. This resonates with and hence evokes the Eternal Presence within you and begins to amplify it in your system, bringing about healing and restoration exactly where it is currently needed via the Intelligence of Life. The Living Light within you starts to shine through and release, transmute or harmonize anything out of harmony with the Truth.

As the false-self patterns fall away, the Wholeness of Who You Are is naturally revealed from within, and your unique Brilliance shines forth as liberated expression, purpose, and benefit.

It is not "me" healing you, the Truth is not mine. It is that Silent Eternal Intelligence within you, that is also within me and all things here and now, that comes forth and heals you. I am not transferring or placing anything inside of you. Everything is already inside of you! Entraining to the resonance of Presence is what heals and restores. Dropping deeper into realized at-one-ment with Truth, with God, is what restores, as the only things that need restoration are the perception and byproducts of the dream of separation from God.

Sessions will be like an amplified, lightly guided meditation and activation, where I will invite you to bring attention to certain parts of the body or biofield. The power of Living Light Frequency brings everything to a whole new level, making direct experience of Deep Presence and True Meditation much more available. The Frequencies foster powerful, accelerated results that many say nothing else has been as effective for them in their healing and awakening journey.

I will also offer strategic pointers or points of inquiry that support bringing you deeper into Embodied Presence and Truth-Realization, as well as a greater ability to transmute blocks and patterns on your own. The intent is for you to make these simple Presence strategies your own and have a greater toolbelt to use in your day-to-day life for self-mastery. The more you do this level of Frequency Work (which over time you learn to do for yourself) and practice these simple strategies I share, the more Embodied Presence and Wholeness will become your stable, fundamental state of being.


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